Reaching for more advertisers?

There's plenty of fishes in the sea with all budget sizes

You need a simple solution

To make the life easy to those who want to buy your spaces, you need a solution suited for their needs

Fully integrated with your traditional sales

Dotadv simplifies selling your Guaranteed Premium Inventory.
Grasp new opportunities by complementing Dotadv to your existing channels

Premium Advertising Sales Automation Platform

Dotadv is the first platform that allows publishers and advertising agencies to sell guaranteed premium inventory spaces directly to existing and new potential clients

Three easy steps to integrate Dotadv

Sell more by catching the Long Tail of advertisers with the simple, cost effective and easy integration of Dotadv to your sales process


Select the spaces

You decide the space to sell and the sales criteria to apply, then just set prices, discounts and availability

Sell in just one click

Your new advertisers buy your premium inventory in an automated environment and according to your display parameters

Monitor in real time

You are in the control seat, checking artwork and bookings prior to accepting new orders

Do not leave budgets on the table, sell directly your guaranteed premium inventory